Starting with gymnastics as a child, I loved the creativity and beauty of shaping my body into elegant forms, enjoying the natural flexibility that came with it. Moving into yoga in my 20s felt like a natural step, especially drawn to its spiritual richness alongside the physical practice. However, this path highlighted a gap in my foundation – the need for core and back strength to support my flexibility. Despite my passion for yoga, injuries became a frequent setback, leading to a difficult pause in my practice during my early thirties.

Pilates was the turning point, offering the core strength and back support that my body desperately needed. This experience transformed my approach, allowing me to blend the spiritual depth of yoga with the physical resilience built through Pilates. Now, as a teacher of Pilates, yoga, and Yogalates, my focus is on creating a balanced practice. In my classes, we move away from chasing the most intense poses or the perfect shapes. Instead, we prioritize function, alignment, health, and maintaining a body that feels good – blending strength with flexibility in a way that supports both physical and spiritual well-being.


I foster gentleness through the practice of mindfulness, body awareness, and compassion, central aspects of both Pilates and Yoga. These practices help you tune into your body, cultivate flexibility and grace, and reduce stress. As a life coach, I emphasize self-compassion and emotional intelligence, guiding you to approach yourself and others with kindness and understanding.


Through Pilates and Yoga, I help you build physical strength, particularly a strong core and improved muscle tone. These practices also enhance balance, stability, and resilience, essential elements of physical strength. As a life coach, I assist in building emotional and psychological strength, empowering you to set and achieve goals, navigate challenges, and build self-confidence.


In my approach to Yoga, Pilates, and Coaching, I emphasize the importance of blending gentleness with strength. This balance is crucial not only for achieving physical goals but also for creating a sense of well-being. It’s about pushing yourself to gain strength and resilience while also respecting your body’s need for rest and gentle care. Through mindful practices and thoughtful coaching, I aim to guide you in finding this balance, ensuring that you can grow stronger without losing the essential softness that keeps the practice sustainable and enjoyable. Whether we’re flowing through a yoga sequence, engaging our core in Pilates, or exploring personal growth in coaching sessions, the goal is always to harmonize effort with ease in a way that benefits both mind and body.

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