Savill Hall
Tuesdays 9-10am | Pilates
Thursdays 6-7pm | Pilates


Maiden Newton Village Hall
Tuesdays 6-7pm | Pilates
Thursdays 9-10am |Yogalates


Prout Bridge Project
Wednesdays 9.30am | Pilates


Sydling St Nicolas Village Hall
Wednesdays 6-7pm | Yoga


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My approach

Both Pilates and Yoga are holistic exercise methods that will help you become both gentle and strong in many significant ways:


Mindfulness: In both my Pilates and Yoga classes, I encourage you to pay close attention to your body and movements, staying present with what you’re doing. This heightened awareness will foster a gentle approach within you to exercise and any daily activities, reducing the risk of injury and promoting harmony between your mind and body. By slowing down, we notice more and live a richer, more colourful life. 

Flexibility: Both Yoga and Pilates involve controlled stretching and fluid movements, which will significantly improve your flexibility, contributing to a sense of physical gentleness and grace. On a mental and emotional level this newly gained sense will manifest as more confidence and resilience in your life.

Stress Reduction: By focusing on breathing, body movements, and alignment, I will help you alleviate stress and bring about a calm, centred state of mind. This gentle mental state will flow into your daily life and enhance your overall well-being and quality of life.


Core Stability: A strong core is indeed “at the core” of my approach to any exercise.  A strong core will give you overall body strength and stability, and it will improve your posture, reduce back pain, and enhance athletic performance – if that’s what you’re after.

Alignment and Posture: In all my classes we focus on correct alignment and improving posture. This helps to reduce risk of osteoporosis and also ensures that the skeleton is properly supported and balanced, with no undue stress on bones.

Muscular Tone: We work on all muscle groups, even the smaller and deeper ones often neglected in conventional workouts. My students often say after a class that they had no idea such muscles existed. Over time, this deliberate approach will bring you improved muscular tone and strength.

Balance and Coordination: We have lots of fun with balance postures in my classes. By improving balance and coordination, we reduce risk of injuries in daily life.


We can fully focus on your postural assessment and individual physical needs.

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